Roof Cleaning

Giving Your Roof the Much Needed Face-lift

Roofs can be affected by algae, mould, lichen, moss, and oxidation, reducing the surface’s lifetime longevity. We at Alpha Roofing Home Improvements facilitate cleaning all surfaces, whether it be colour bond, concrete tile or terracotta. Removing this unwanted and harmful growth from your roof increases the lifespan. That is why our Roof Cleaning Service Melbourne remains popular amongst the residents.

The undisputed leader Alpha Roofing Home Improvements offers the services that are adept at using industrial equipment. Sealing and repainting are available after a roof clean determined by the age/ condition of the roof too. Heat reflecting coating reduces the internal temperature by up to 10 degrees, thus reducing the utility expenses. Prestigious roof cleaning companies in Melbourne work at the heights of competence as we involve the experienced workforce for that purpose. You will definitely find your roof in extremely safer hands.

Why Alpha Roofing for Your Roofing Needs?

Here at Alpha Roofing Home Improvements, we use the soft washing developed out of necessity for a roof or exterior clean that would kill all mould growth, including lichen, for the long term and that too without damaging the surface. Unlike high-pressure washing, which affects similar to ‘sand blasting’ causing surface pitting, which only gives rise to greater mould regrowth, we, as reputed roof cleaning contractors Balwyn, make sure to offer services that should fulfil your exclusive needs.

Every time any surface is pressure washed, it only removes the mould’s biological growth making the surface appear clean, and in the process, never killing the mould spores, the root of all the problems. As a result, within one or two years, the mould infestation level doubles, making the surface appear darker.

A Trusted Name

As a reputed house roof cleaning service, Armadale is the only specialist service provider in the region that uses this exclusive biocide cleaning method to produce a premium long term clean every time. We make it possible by using the latest water-saving, no pressure, premium soft washing technology to gently apply our eco-friendly biodegradable (pH7) same as tap water commercial-grade custom formulated mould killer to any roof exterior surface.
If you are looking for reputed roof washing Toorak, rely on us. You might be the one passing through the harrowing experience of spending many a sleepless night due to the not so good appearance of your roof. Get a genuine solution from the experts in Alpha Roofing Home Improvements today.

Our solutions are foolproof; therefore, your roof is hardly affected by algae, moss or lichens. It’s high time you put your worries to rest and avail of our services at an affordable cost.


Let’s Get Your Roofing Problem Fixed